the struggle to find true intimacy.
God’s design for love and sex is a beautiful plan Made in Heaven. The tough part is that it has to be Fleshed Out on Earth, too often subject to the whims and weaknesses of our human nature.

For the single Christian, it’s really hard to avoid sexual involvement. And then sometimes, surprisingly, it may also be difficult to enter in to free, uninhibited sex after the wedding. Nancy Christenson’s book chronicles one girl’s struggle to embrace God’s best, on both sides of the vows. When as a new bride she shuts down in the bedroom, she and her husband Greg hang their hope on the faithfulness of God, believing that He will ultimately bring them heaven on earth. Indeed He does, in the eleventh year of their marriage, sovereignly bringing enduring wholeness and freedom into their love life.

For singles who have strayed a little or a lot, here is encouragement; for couples who are struggling in the area of intimacy, here is faith and hope.

“Essential to young adults! I wish I had read this in high school. This is the book you pick up when you are someone like me—married and having issues in the intimate department and lost and crying out for help. This is a chronicle of life, of relationships, of heartbreak, of the pain of ignoring the Lord and His design for sexual purity and marriage, the journey back to Him, and the blessings received.

“Don’t read this unless you’re prepared for honesty!” — BM, age 25

The audio book is now available for Made in Heaven, Fleshed Out on Earth. The 12 original songs from the music CD are included right in the storyline of the audio files. The audio book can be purchased in hard copy as a set of 7 CDs or downloaded directly to your iPod or other MP3 player. Purchase of the book includes a free download of the audio book. The eBook is also available.