one girl's struggle to embrace God's design for relationships,
one woman's journey into wholeness in marital intimacy.

Music Made In Heaven:
An album of 12 original songs, all part of the
Made in Heaven story, a musical chronicle of
Nancy's struggle to embrace God's design for relationships.

Music Made in Heaven
12 original songs

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Liner Notes & Lyrics
The songs on this CD are all a part of the storyline in the book Made in Heaven, Fleshed Out on Earth, which chronicles my struggle to embrace God’s design for relationships. The book opens with me as a new Christian falling in love with the first of a series of Mr Wrongs.
My mother had often said that I should marry a veterinarian, because of my love of animals and the outdoor life. Well, this guy wasn’t an animal doctor, but he was a doctor—and he was an animal!
He’s Twenty-Nine; He’s an Animal Doctor

Until we learn to keep our eyes on the Lord, we will find that we become fixated with many other things—like telephones that don’t ring when we wish they would.
It was driving me crazy, waiting like this. He would be glad to know that. To listen to him talk, it seemed that his fondest goal in life was to get all his friends committed to mental institutions.
Babysitting the Telephone

Loneliness and lust can cause us to stumble and fall. But I wanted to learn to “walk in the light as He is in the light.” (1 John 1:7, KJV)
I repented of my lust—for now—and resolved to flee temptation. I would try to draw closer to God in my loneliness.
Prayer of Repentance

God uses our trials as a refining fire, bringing forth a faith in us more precious to Him than gold. The way is often painful and difficult, but if we yield to Him, we find that He can be trusted.
He was giving me glimpses of holy mysteries, even as I wrestled with my lust and my loneliness. Sometimes I wanted to run away and hide from the responsibility of this new knowledge, but mostly I wanted God to take me higher, to completely have His way in me.
Heavenly Father

“For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want.”
(Gal. 5:17, NIV)
I felt so much shame at the dark condition of my heart. In response, God simply showed me how much He loved me, exactly the way I was. I holed up in my room with my guitar
to get it all out in a song—a song that I call
Revelation at Rockford

I had invited a good-looking heathen to accompany me to a Christian movie, hoping to influence him for God. After a wonderful evening, he drove me to where I’d left my car. At his request, as we parted, I gave him one little kiss, which threw me into an emotional tailspin.
I had kissed this guy; what now? As a Christian, I didn’t have much of a repertoire to draw from in this genre. I didn’t want to go any further than a kiss. Now I had used up the whole program on the first date. All the way home I kept banging on the steering wheel and crying out to God:
What Will I Do for an Encore?

The foregoing incident reminded me of how easily I could be taken in by the deceitfulness of my old nature. I recommitted myself to my first Love, trusting Him to keep me true.
Our life here passes away like a vapour on a summer’s day
And only what’s been taken to Your Cross, Lord, will remain.
First Love

My pastor preached a sermon one Sunday on the principle of sowing and reaping. He highlighted the grace that God has extended to us in Christ, saying, “God will always forgive you—but He will not necessarily give you a crop failure.”
I knew that I had been planting seeds into my lower nature, and although I kept repenting here and there along the way, I’d had cause to write an unhappy song:
It’s Still Coming Up Weeds

One last time, in a funk of loneliness, I turned to a young male friend for companionship instead of turning to God. The young man discerned God’s will in the situation and gently refused my company. I had a full-blown temper tantrum at the Lord, until I finally broke in repentance.
The presence of God came over me, soft and peaceful like a warm blanket, and I knew somehow that this battle was won, once and for all. Still on my knees, I pledged to serve Him single, if that was His will, one day at a time for the rest of my life.
Just six days after I wrote this song of surrender, Mr. Right walked into my life.
It Amazes Me

At the conference where I met Greg, I was sitting playing the piano alone late one night when he and a young lady walked in to listen. After a bit, I switched from my worship theme to a love song. Just as I began, the young lady headed up to bed.
Oh, no! I thought, I can’t finish this with Greg sitting here alone in the dark. He’ll think I’m singing it for him. I had a sense of the Lord sitting next to me on the piano bench.
He was laughing. I didn’t plan this, Lord; I didn’t!
I know,
He seemed to say, I did. Keep singing.
How Would You Feel?

I wrote the following song during the long-distance courtship, singing it for Greg when he came out to visit me for our second date.
And I’ll tell you once more in a letter if you really want me to
But I’d rather wait till you are here to say I love you
How Many Times?

It had been back on Valentine’s Day, the day I received Greg’s first letter, that I knew God was putting a marriage together. That same day I wrote a love song. Several months later I recorded it so it could be played at our wedding, a celebration of God’s faithfulness.
Lord, I want to sing to you this love song, just to thank You for the joy that’s in my heart.
Love Song