one girl's struggle to embrace God's design for relationships,
one woman's journey into wholeness in marital intimacy.

Comments from Readers
Wow! The Lord speaks to me through you. I just finished Made in Heaven and I feel wrapped in His love. As someone who has a rather colourful past indeed, I feel as though I understand much more about why I have been so unfulfilled by it. My life has been so crazy over the last few years, university, marriage, divorce, mental illness. Your book was an explanation of the sin and heartache in my life . . . if it isn't for Him, it's all for [naught]. I accepted the Lord so long ago (7 years), yet I have not truly let Him into my life. I am praying for a softening of my heart and hope that you will pray for me too. Thank you for sharing your story!
much love in Christ, A.R.

Finished your book "Made In Heaven, Fleshed Out On Earth" this morning. . . .
– Book takes hold of my interest right away and holds it.
– Revealing of raw facts is presented with respect, not embellished, made to stand alone. Lands on the reader raw and alone, needing attention, very effective.
– Enough information is given for reasons for behaviour, yet not excused or blame shifted. Facts expressed without crudeness. Well done!
– Letter-writing relationship draws us in the same state of impatience, anticipation, anxiety and even confusion that you were experiencing. We need to keep reading to get over it and . . . life gets in the way.
– Compares to "Songs of Solomon."

Personal comments:
I mostly shared being under your skin, per say. I like your brashness, up-frontness and saying it like it is. I appreciate your obvious desire, deep in your heart, to be so very close to Jesus. I fear that my desire to serve sometimes is to the extent that it makes my life more comfortable. Thanks for sharing your life through your books and your speaking engagement.
sister in Christ, C.C.

I enjoyed reading this book. It's well written, with plenty of humour. It presents a point of view often lacking in today's world, that sex should be taken seriously, and should be indulged in only after a couple has made a firm commitment to each other. The book presents a clear and compelling argument in favour of marriage, and against all forms of infidelity. The book is remarkably honest and compassionate, and shows the writer as a real person who has made mistakes, but always tries to take directions from her higher power.
Dr. Marichal Binns, M.D., C.C.F.P.

Well, Nancy, you created quite a stir between L---- and me a week or so ago. She had read your book and was passing it on to me. She was explaining how overwhelmed she was reading it, with the details about your past sexual sin and sexual desires. She passed it on to me for my opinion. I finished reading it last night.

When I called L---- this afternoon and talked with her about your book, I admitted that I would be too guilty and ashamed to admit to some of the sexual and drug choices I made in the 60s and 70s. I also mentioned that I might be taken aback by your openness about the sexual sins that you (and I) had chosen to stumble into during the 1970s, but that for some reason, the Lord had given you the spiritual depth and grace (as well as your husband Greg) to "air your dirty laundry" so that others in the church who are ashamed and in denial about their bad choices (past and current) may now choose the option to lay those wrong choices at the foot of the Cross and seek forgiveness and healing from the Lord, the Great Physician.

As the Lord showed me during my cancer treatment ten years ago, I had cancerous tumours that needed to be cut out on the hospital operating table so that I could physically live. But during my waiting times in the hospital, He was also bringing to my attention that I had some dangerous spiritual tumours that He needed to cut out so I could live spiritually healthy as a Christian woman. The physical tumours were easy to see on an MRI, but the spiritual tumours I was camouflaging quite well in my Christian walk.

I also told L---- that I believe the current population of older 40- to 50-year-old Christian women in the church have probably dabbled in those same sexual sins/experimentation in their teens/20s as we did. They choose not to confess and repent: they are too busy stuffing the memories of those bad choices down with prescription medication, alcohol and over-eating. I tried to explain to L---- that statistics show that 51% of the youth in our church teen groups are involved in . . . acts such as oral sex and sodomy, as well as multiple sex partners and same-sex partners, all under the world's guise of “experimentation that is good for the soul.” The world keeps emphasizing that a person needs to find out who she/he is and what your sexuality preference is without boundaries or limits.

What L----'s generation may not want to admit—and possibly what some of our own 1950s and 1960s generation (who are now parents and grandparents) are having trouble owning up to—is the fact that the world—TV, radio, music, internet porn, movies, and yes, even teachers in our schools—is shoving sexual depravity into the thoughts and convictions of this 21st century youth. Purity, conviction, hesitation, or embarrassment that a child or teen may display is ridiculed and considered foolishness.

So needless to say, L---- and I had a good discussion about your book! I told her that I admired your courage and conviction to thumb your nose at the devil and say "Ah-ha! There is no sin too great to confess and be healed by the mercy of the Lord our God.” And better yet is the fact that you are pulling the spiritual "wool" off the eyes of sisters in Christ, who keep trying to deny that the sexual sins, either perpetrated on them (such as molestation or rape) or sins that they voluntary submitted to, all have a cost. As you wrote that Greg stated, both men and women are stealing from each other the sexual purity that was meant for a spouse, so both partners will "pay the spiritual cost" in their marriage problems, family relationship problems, and sometimes within church ministries.

So kudos and blessings upon you two! As the first book of Revelation was to be spread among the seven churches of Asia, may this second book of Revelation by the Christensons be shared with at least 70 churches in our current Body of Christ!
your sister in Christ, M.K.

(I wrote back to M.K. and received the following answer. —N.C.)
Wow, did not expect such a speedy response from you, due to all your responsibilities—husband, children, housework, book-writing, etc, so I feel quite privileged that you took the time to email me back!

No, I do not think you damaged your relationship with L----. She still thinks you are quite a terrific person. She was taken aback by your honesty, and I did not want to humble myself a week or so ago and agree that I had done some of the same things in the 1970s! So when she and I talked on the phone yesterday, after I read the book, I told her I was hoping that you were worse than me, so I could feel puffed-up and point the finger at bad-bad Nancy! I had to admit that I, too, had done lots of sexual stuff that I was not proud of. I think L---- remembers a lot of the foster kids coming in and out of their home with drug problems and conflict with parents. I remember L---- praying out demons from drug use (LSD, etc.), but I do not remember her praying out the sexual sins of lust, fornication, promiscuity, seduction, etc. Since she, her sisters, and daughters-in-law were virgins at marriage, it may not have crossed her mind that alcohol and drug abuse usually develops low sexual standards.

But I laughed with Lorna, that of all the things in your recent book that I would want to have been known for, it would not be “I do not want to marry the guy, just have sex with him.” That really made me laugh—and admit to Lorna that it humbled me from my "prideful pinnacle" that I seek at church. As a mature Christian woman at the Bible studies, I only give "profound, wise, mature" Christian advice to the younger generation! HA!

Your book reminded me where I came from—"out of the mire."

So as a reminder to you and Greg, which I am quite sure that you are already aware, sexual sin is an avoided topic at most churches. I know of no seminary class for pastors that teaches about the depth and consequences of sexual sin! So if your book does "take off" and start convicting Christian women about their low moral standards, you two are gonna be seen as "point men" on the front line of battle with Satan. The devil does not play fair. He knows our hidden secrets and vulnerabilities, and fights dirty. So you two need to watch each other's back for the spiritual battle that will ensue for the devil to discredit you two. Keep your four kids covered by the Blood of the Lamb, as Satan will attack them also to cripple both of you, and get you distracted off the battle line.

P.S. Yes, I did get inner healing and prayer for several "spiritual tumours" in the 1990s. I am sure there are still several more that the Great Physician is trying to get me back on the operating table to cut out, but I am a reluctant spiritual patient!
your sister in Christ, M.K.

Phone message:
Hi Nancy, it’s Judy Denton from James and Betty Robison and Life Outreach. [sighs] What an amazing book! I’m sorry to just now be calling you—I’ve been finished up over a week ago, staying up till 2 and 3 in the morning, thank you very much! [laughs] Oh, it’s amazing. Such depth you have! I just feel like I know you in such a personal way and love you; and—your heart for Christ—it’s amazing—it’s amazing. So thanks for being so candid, and thank Greg for allowing you to share—you know—all the personal stuff, because I’m sure so many are being blessed by it. So . . . I just want to say, it’s amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that with me, and I’ll be sharing it with others. Love and bless you. Bye-bye.

Greetings in Christ: I recently got your book, Made in Heaven, Fleshed Out on Earth. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to thank you for your openness regarding such personal issues; praise God there are people who are still willing to share their struggles in order to help others. May God bless you and your family. Thank you, Nancy.
in Christ, S.P.

The following comments are from women of all ages to whom I gave Part I of the book while I was still writing the rest of it. –N.C.

I really, really enjoyed reading this [Part I], and I’m so thankful that I did when I did. My mother has never shared anything with me about that part of her life, and it would be so much help to me if she did. I can testify that God has already used these words He has given you to speak (to me). I was shown things in my life that are or were not pleasing to God. It seemed as though many of the struggles written about were my very own.

[I felt relieved] that God was faithful, and that I could relate; I wasn’t alone. [I was encouraged] by the fact that God remained with you and even spoke to you when you thought He never would.

I am so thankful that God has given you these words, and I only wish that someone had addressed this topic sooner. The only place that I hear this topic talked about is with friends or in media, and the picture these resources paint is not the picture God would paint. Now I pray that God would give me the strength to take what I’ve learned and the courage to apply it.
—C.W. (age 20)

You are very frank. PTL for your honesty and courage describing [the] path from [the] world to toddling steps of Christianity to maturity in Christ. You have done a great job so far, Nancy, and are to be admired for your “no mask” approach. Rarely are Christians this honest. This book will have far more impact and ministry because of your total honesty.
—B.C. (age 70)

I felt the stories melded well with the teaching. Thank you for being so transparent and vulnerable. [I was] amused: You have a real way with words! [I was] encouraged, to know I’m not the only one who has struggled in this whole area. . . . [Was it] helpful? Yes, only I wish I had read this about 10 years ago. I can see where this would have been very helpful then. [And I felt] sympathetic: I could relate to your continuous struggles.

Nancy, I can’t wait to read the rest! This book is going to help a lot of women, especially young women and new Christians, but I also think it will minister to older Christians who are afraid to admit they struggle with their past at different times. Way to go! God will have a bride without spot or wrinkle.
—S.A. (age 42)

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this—it is a real page-turner! I was horribly disappointed when I got to the end [of Part I] and didn’t get to read the part about when things started going right for you! You must either have a phenomenal memory or else very good journals—the narratives were very immediate and detailed, and grounded the teachings very well. I thought there was a very good mix of story vs. abstract thought/teaching.

I also appreciated the tone of your writing. Your conviction is evident, but for the most part you avoid being preachy or condemning. I appreciated your honesty—admitting your inward struggles, although others would probably have called your behaviour blameless. A lot of the thought patterns you describe resonated with me and my experience. I identified with the struggle, the difficulty in discerning the “grey”—which is partly why I was disappointed when I realized I only had the first half of the book. . . . I think reading about how God did eventually bless you and reward you will be very encouraging to girls who are just now struggling to believe that His grace is sufficient in seemingly endless temptations and confusion.

On the other hand, I truly appreciated your faith in God, his grace, and his good plan for your life during these “Chasing Mr. Wrong” years. You make it evident that, for you, He was enough; He was gentle, compassionate, and firm in guiding you in the paths of righteousness. It is very interesting to read about someone else’s experience, to get a glimpse of shared and different insights that you had, compared to my own life.
—E.B. (age 26)

When I read this chapter, I felt so strongly to everything that you said (wrote) J. . . . I love the fact that you understand. It is so comforting to know someone who can relate to the many struggles of youth today. I was thinking to myself, “Wow, if I was so moved by this one chapter, how am I gonna feel about the whole book!” LOL

I am very much looking forward to reading it! Thank you for the privilege of getting to read a bit of it ahead of time! . . . Also, I hope that somewhere in your book, you talk about “losing your virginity”—to the point of when, with who, and really just the whole stupid concept of it! Everybody has a different opinion on the subject, and I’m just really curious and interested in what your point of view is and what you have to say about it.
—K.K. (age 17)

I am so glad you are writing this book!
—L.S. (age 49)

First I must say what a gift God has given you for story-telling. You use your own life experiences, these raw and passionate emotions, that are so relatable to other young women’s feelings, and use them, with the Word, to help us learn from your experiences. . . . I find your writing very refreshing and pragmatic. You are telling things the way that they are, but managing to never cross a line to offend. . . . Every word that you wrote had a purpose.

I myself am relatively new along my walk with Him. I only became a Christian a little over a year ago, and I cannot say that I have not already made some major slips and falls, especially in that wonderful department we call relationships. When you talked about your battles with lust and loneliness, your words about liking the power that your sexuality gave you, I could not help but relate to that. Yet knowing that God does not want you to abuse that, but be modest and humble, it can be so difficult to try and change your ways. I pray for courage and strength to act as the Lord wants me to.
—A.R. (age 18)

Nancy, you are a gifted writer! Your writing just flows and your words captivate. I honestly could not put your story [Part I] down once I started reading it. I appreciate your openness on this subject; it allowed me to be more honest with myself regarding choices I had made when I was younger.

Your message is powerful and thought-provoking. A message that definitely needs to be present in our world today! . . . I found myself . . . more cognizant of the messages “our world” is sending re: sexual issues (T.V., movies, internet, etc.) and how important it is for parents, teachers, church leaders, etc. to provide the truth.

I wish that I had been exposed to this message when I was a teenager. As a happily married woman, I’ve asked [God] for forgiveness for choices I made as a youth, but every once in a while I face this “old guilt” again.

Thank you, Nancy, for allowing me to have a “sneak preview.” You definitely left me wanting more!
—C.F. (age 38)